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KEWAP (Knife and Edged Weapons Programme)

There is currently a high focus on knife crime and on the dangers of knife carrying and the consequences for victims, their families and offenders. Stabbings are almost commonplace. A survey 3 years ago revealed that over 150,000 young persons between the ages of 10-15 years old had carried a knife of some kind.


The Home Affairs Committee in their report published in June 2009 on knife crime highlighted the need for raising the problem nationally and tackling it at a number of levels including the educational level. Roger Thyer- Jones, a KEWAP ( Knife and Edged Weapons Programme) instructor is able to deliver an officially certificated programme for schools, businesses, public bodies and private individuals that is nationally recognised and has been expertly put together.

KEWAP (Knife and Edged Weapons Programme)


The programme deals with awareness, avoidance and escape, is highly structured and delivers key points with practical learning skills. It is for the ordinary person, not the expert, and demonstrates not only how to exercise control over a threatening situation but how to survive a life threatening encounter. Practical and purposeful it aims to keep you, or your staff, safe.


KEWAP instructors are trained to facilitate learning for the average man, woman and child ( over 11’s). It is relevant to all of us but especially those who work in a potentially threatening environment e.g social workers, hospital staff, teachers, lone workers, bar staff etc. Our courses are delivered in a safe, effective and friendly atmosphere. KEWAP is not an “unarmed combat” or “military” orientated course.

KEWAP (Knife and Edged Weapons Programme)

Highly structured courses designed for the ordinary person and delivered in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

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