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Schools Programme

“Well-Being Matters have provided several courses for us at Wycombe High School, which have challenged and developed girls through all key stages into more confident individuals. The quality and professionalism provided has been superb” AS Wycombe High School


Over the last 5 years we have worked with dozens of schools, in the state and private sectors, and with thousands of young people providing a variety of self protection programmes, seminars and lectures. We also run ongoing karate programmes at about a dozen primary schools and schools for young people with learning and behavioural difficulties in the South Bucks area.

Schools Programme


Our self protection programme focuses on the key areas of awareness, avoidance and escape and provides young people with practical advice and skills to better deal with conflict, to build self confidence and to avoid becoming a victim. Our karate programme gives children the opportunity to learn a traditional martial art in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.


We are able to offer one off seminars and lectures as well as ongoing courses. We will listen to your requirements and work out a programme that best matches your particular needs. We can work with all year groups across all key stages.

Schools Programme

Self Protection, KEWAP and Karate courses available for all age ranges across all key stages of learning.

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