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Self Protection

“I wanted to thank you for your extremely stimulating presentation. I know that my fellow directors now feel energised and appreciate the benefits of leading a safer lifestyle on both a private and corporate level. We will not hesitate to contact you again” Dreams PLC


We live in what appears to be an increasingly violent society. Reports of anti-social behaviour, road rage and violent crime are all too familiar. Many of us, whatever our age and condition, feel intimidated by confrontation and lack the necessary skills to deal with such situations effectively.

self protection


Our self protection programme focuses on the key areas of awareness, avoidance and escape and provides practical advice and skills to better deal with conflict, to build self confidence and to avoid becoming a victim. Courses are challenging both on a physical and intellectual level and active participation is required. Our instructors use a calm and friendly approach and have many years experience.


We can work on a one to one basis or in small groups at our private studio near High Wycombe. We also work with public bodies, private companies and larger groups where a more appropriate venue can be organised. All programmes are tailored to meet your specific needs. Look out for our regularly held public events.

self protection

Don’t be a Victim! Build self confidence and learn techniques that really work under pressure.

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